Environmental Responsibilities

The Company is committed to participating in preserving the environment by striving to conduct business activities that are both environmentally friendly and wise. The Company disseminates to increase individual awareness in saving water, electricity, and recycling used paper in the work environment. All of the Company’s operational activities have complied with applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, the Company obtains permits and documents required in conducting its business activities, such as recommendations for Environmental Management Eforts, Environmental Impact Assessment reports (AMDAL), and Environmental Management and Environmental Monitoring Plans (UKL-UPL).

Some eforts carried out by the Company as part of its responsibility in preserving the environment are:

1. The implementation of sustainable energy efciency and 3R system, namely Reduce, Reuse and recycle starting from the Company’s work environment.
2. Reduction and utilization of Hazardous & Toxic Waste and non-Hazardous & Toxic Waste.
3. Signifcant reduction in emissions from the eforts in replacing the diesel-fueled engines to gas-fueled engines.
4. Biodiversity management through the preservation of animals that exist in the operational locations.
5. Management of mangrove forest conservation. The Company’s subsidiary, PT Mitratama Perkasa (MP) through PT Arutmin Indonesia (AI), as the tenant of the facility, also applies Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental (OHSE) activities to assess environmental impacts in accordance with applicable environmental regulations based on a series of indicators, such as water quality, air quality, waste and hydrocarbon management.

Complaints of Environmental Issues

In 2020, the Company did not receive any cases related to environmental issues. The Company is committed to providing prompt responses regarding cases on environmental issues. All cases in regards to environmental issues will be followed up through the handling mechanisms determined by the Company.

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