Whistleblowing System

As a realization of the transparency principle, the Company has established a Whistleblowing System (WBS) to improve the effectiveness of internal control system in creating honest, fair, and transparent business activities. The WBS system is a safe means for employees to report and submit information regarding violations that are indicated to occur within the Company. Through the WBS system, the Company can prevent financial and material losses. Complaints from third parties and/or Company’s employees must be placed within GCG improvement framework.

Types of complaints that can be conveyed through the WBS mechanism are violations that are material in nature and contrary to the economic value of the Company as well as unethical behavior that can create negative image of the Company. Any behavior that violates Company’s Regulations, Code of Conduct, and other applicable regulations is also a form of violation that can be reported to the Company.

The whistleblower can report a violation via e-mail or an official letter, either by stating identity or without identity, as well as strong supporting evidence related to the violation. The Company guarantees the confidentiality of whistleblower’s identity and provides protection for the whistleblower if the report submitted to the Company is valid, and can be followed-up and proven. The Company will take firm action against report that is false and cannot be accounted for.

In 2018, the Company received no material violations reports and required no further investigation. The Company will impose sanctions for proven violations in accordance with the Company’s regulations and other laws.

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