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Throughout 2022, global economic risks have shifted from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis to potential energy, food and financial crises. These global risks were mainly triggered by the war between Russia and Ukraine which exacerbated the world’s political and economic fragmentation. As a result of Russia’s invasion to Ukraine, a number of western countries including the United States (US) and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region have imposed economic sanctions against Russia which have had an impact on global economic activity.

Sustainability Report2022

Strengthening Sustainable Performance

One of the most important aspect of sustainable development is the emphasis on participatory processes. Hence, the Company as a public company is responsible to fully participate in supporting the implementation of sustainability practices and believes that the alignment of economic, social and environment is the key to future progress and business sustainability.


Resilience Through Challenging Times

The year 2021 remained challenging for the business environment, not least for the Company that runs the business in the coal industry. In spite of a situation that has not yet been fully conducive, the Company has demonstrated its strong resilience in overcoming challenges by recording a positive and quite good performance in 2021. In its efforts to become an integrated energy and resource infrastructure company, the Company continues to look for new business opportunities that can be leveraged for sustainable growth in the future.

Sustainability Reports 2021

Consolidating Strategy for Sustainability

Amidst challenging situations, PT Astrindo Nusantara Infrastruktur Tbk managed to survive and run its business optimally. This success is the result of Company’s effective consolidating strategy.


Navigating Challenges, for Sustainable Growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, disrupting how to live and work which impact many aspects
of day-to-day life. Against this backdrop, the strength of 2020’s underlying performance is credited towardsthe Company’s strategies, in navigating the challenges, with aims for sustainable growth. The Companyimplement agile strategies to remain resilient and continue our efforts in becoming an integrated energy infrastructure company.


In the effort to become an integrated resources and energy infrastructure company, the Company strives to implement effective strategies to its business management, such as a more effective business model and optimum service to our customers. These efforts will drive the Company in achieving sustainable business growth.


In 2018, PT Benakat Integra Tbk changed its name into PT Astrindo Nusantara Infrastruktur Tbk (“The Company”). The change was one of the Company’s strategic steps to conduct a more integrated business in mining infrastructure. Through this transformation, the Company continues to develop its business and harness all resources effectively to achieve optimum performance.


In 2017, the Company has divested its oil and gas business segment to focus on the mining infrastructure business. This strategy is one of the Company’s objectives to optimize existing opportunities and seize better opportunities in the future.


The resillience of Benakat in facing tough challenges in 2016 has fostered a strong sense of confidence throughout the Company that Benakat will be able to navigate through the dynamics of the world’s oil and gas industry. The Company’s initiatives in expanding its business scope in infrastructure have provided a strong foothold in facing such challenges.


The economic and regulation dynamics in 2015 became challenges to PT Benakat Integra Tbk. The declined productivity took place in almost all Subsidiaries due to global economic conditions and government policies becoming challenges to the Company. The extremely dynamic internal conditions and external business environment encouraged the Company’s spirit of change to take strategic measures to boost its performance.


The spirit of the strategic transformation momentum actualized by PT Benakat Integra Tbk (The Company) has strengthen the foundation of the Company to continue to advance and answer the challenges in 2014. With a stronger focus, we are optimistic to direct our steps towards higher achievement. Our excellence as a flexible entity is our capital to continue exploring the potential of Indonesia’s energy industry and realize positive business growth.


The positive result that was achieved by PT Benakat Integra Tbk. (the “Company” or “BIPI”) in the year 2013 was part of the successful transformation that is being undertaken by the Company. The change in identity provided new spirit for the Company to face every challenges. Driven by the focus to obtain stronger growth, the Company continuously perform strategic and significant measures, one of which is through expansion into the integrated energy and mining infrastructure business. Going forward, the Company will continue to expand its business in order to reach further significant achievements.

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