The Company treats all employees equally and fulfills the human rights inherent in every human being. Employees are one of the Company’s strengths in creating a professional and highly competitive business. Therefore, the Company is very concerned about employee discipline in terms of work safety and management of labor and employee health aspects.

The Company provides many employment opportunities for all employees of the Company and opens opportunities to pursue a higher career level. Every employee is objectively assessed and evaluated using the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) imposed by the Company.

As a mining company, the Company highly prioritizes work facilities concerning aspects of work safety and security. The Company implements occupational safety regulations in accordance with applicable regulations and routinely makes improvements to the quality of facilities that support safety and security aspects. Throughout 2017, there were zero work accidents that significantly affected the Company’s business sustainability. Not only that, the Company, through PT Nusa Tambang Perkasa, received an award from Supervisory Board of Nuclear Power in the gauging activity.

In 2017, the Company’s turnover rate was classified as insignificant. The Company manages the workforce turnover by recruiting, promoting and transferring while taking into account the competence and qualifications of the workforce according to their respective fields and talents.


The Company always strives to realize the welfare of employees and their families. The remuneration received by employees consists of several components including basic salary and allowances. Additionally, through the policies that have been prepared by the Company including compensation for welfare programs and facilities, they have met government regulations and Provincial Minimum Wage regulations.

Human Resources Complaint

The Company maintains an open communication amongst its employees, thus minimizing countless issues. What we’ve experienced and learnt in the past, allows us to implement new process that better the Company.

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