Customer Protection

Target/Planned activities in 2017 as set by management;

Consumer Health and Safety

As a company engaged in infrastructure, coal mining and energy, the Company’s customers are companies, not individuals. As such, the Company does not specifically have policies related to consumer health and safety.

Product and Service Information

Information about the goods and/or services offered by the Company to its consumers is part of the efforts to maintain consumer trust, which is believed to be the key to the Company’s success in running its business. The Company is committed to maintaining quality and providing value-added services to customers. Therefore, customer satisfaction is a fundamental factor for the Company.

One of the strategies carried out by the Company to grow customer satisfaction is by providing the best service to customers. As an effort to maintain product quality, the Company implements quality and standardized work processes both in coal mining and oil and gas mining infrastructure businesses.

Consumer Complaint Management

To provide added value to our customers in the coal mining infrastructure business sector, the Company creates an extensive communication relations in order to obtain a better understanding and reach better targeted solutions. The Company also provides the best services including rapid response complaints related to the infrastructure used by customers. With an open, balanced, and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners, whilst still adhering to the relative guidelines, procedures, and legislation.

As for providing added value to our customers in the Oil and Gas business sector, the company continuously maintains an exceptional communications relationship, through carrying out routine coordination in order to increase petroleum production, and regular meetings in order to get on top of budgets, plans, and operational constraints in the field.

As a form of the Company’s commitment to its customers, the Company provides opportunities for customers to provide feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism of the Company’s overall performance and services. With the spirit of providing the best service to our customers, whilst fostering an environment to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

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