Environmental Sustainability Management

The Company fulfils its social responsibility towards the environment through a series of activities which aim to support efforts that utilize, organize, preserve, supervise, control, restore and develop the environment; paired with the environmental quality improvement within the surrounding areas of the Company’s business activities. Astrindo strives to surpass its environmental programs that the regulating laws and permits are based off, the recommendations of the Environmental Management Efforts, so that The Company also ensures the completion of documents that are required such as document analysis on AMDAL (Environmental Affect) and Community Development Efforts and Environmental Supervision Efforts (UKL-UPL).

Material Usage and Environmentally Friend Energy

The Company continues to minimise material wastage and monitors the energy efficiency of its assets in order to minimize wastage, and take simple initiatives to lower our carbon footprint. However, at the time being we are still creating and implementing specific policies that regulate the usage of materials and the ability to convert to more environmentally friendly, recyclable energy.

Waste Management System

The Company’s commitment towards environmental protection is also reflected on its production waste management- which follows HSE factors and environmental effects. These indicators include air and water quality; as well as waste/garbage management and hydrocarbon. The environmental management and supervision performed by the Company has complied with the regulating standards and laws; which include:

  1. 1. The parameter value of overall quality of wastewater still meets the water quality quality standards based on the Governor of South Kalimantan Regulation No. 036 of 2008 concerning the Standard Quality of Liquid Waste.
  2. Quality of surface water at all monitoring locations still broadly meets water quality standards based on the Decree of the Minister of Environment No. 51 of 2004 concerning Standard Quality of Sea Water.
  3. Air quality (pollutant dust and gas) and noise at all monitoring locations still mees the air quality standards based on the South Kalimantan Governor Regulation No 53 of 2007 concerning Standard Quality of Ambient Air and Noise Level.
  4. The results of surveys and interviews with communities around the Special Ports indicate that the Mekarsari Village community was positively affected by the presence of a special coal port.
  5. Through the Company’s subsidiary, PT Putra Hulu Lematang, the Company is building a B3 waste warehouse. Other facilities that are currently being built include a permanent landfill in the workshop area in Lematang.

Complaints of Environmental Problems

Until now, the Company does not have a policy regarding complaints about environmental problems. However, as a company that takes into account the impact of its operations on the surrounding community, the Company always opens itself if there are reports from the public regarding the environment.

Certification in the Field of Environment

To determine the quality of environmental management, the Company periodically follows the Corporate Performance Rating Program (PROPER) which is one of the efforts of the State Ministry of Environment to encourage corporate compliance in environmental management.

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