People make up Astrindo. Hence, the Company truly believes in focusing and implementing their CSR efforts towards programs and initiatives that give back to the community and the people who live amongst us. We strive to create benefits for the community, both socially and economically.

Utilization of Local Human Resources and Surrounding Community Resources

With our assets located in many rural areas of Indonesia the Company continuously strive to empower and involve the community around us, as much as possible. In 2017, the Company enabled the community to have an active role in the Company’s trucking routine – and enlisted recruitment for several other internal jobs on site.

Improvement of Social Facilities and Infrastructure, and Other Forms of Philanthropic Endeavours

In 2017, the Company through its subsidiaries, PT Mitratama Perkasa, carried out few programs as follows:

1. Donation for qurban at work sites.

2. The giving away of 1 (one) cow in Bengalon.

3. Creating a park in Pelaihari as a form of participation of PT Mitratama Perkasa in the implementation of the Adipura award assesment.

In 2017, PT Nusa Tambang Pratama provided funding for qurban donations, namely 2 (two) cows in each of the Arutmin Asam-Asam sites and Kintap.

In order to celebrate Eid, the Company performs social activities at various orphanages, and to all community members who are located in Talang Lapangan, Talang Kabu, SP 6, Pagar Agung district, Sari Bunga Mas Village, City Policy Institutions, Lahat district, as well as various environmental agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations..

Anti-Corruption Training

The Company currently do not carry our any formal anti-corruption programs, however we believe in putting our best foot forward, our principles; strong professionalism and transparency in all aspects of the business. Inclusive of all our operational sites, with a continued reminder, and a supportive workplace environment that encourages its employees to uphold our principles and maintain a moral and ethical code of conduct.

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